Antique Full & Half Register Grates

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Antique Register Grates

Register grates fit the fire chamber, reducing the fire opening to control the draw. They consist of a front surround, fire enclosure with a front basket and fire grill. They are integral and free-standing pieces of fire furniture.

Register grates are often used when there is a problem with the up-draught or draw. When the chimney cannot accommodate all the exhaust fume produced by the fire and the fume spills into the room.

Meticulously Restored Antique Register Grates

What makes Gibilaro Design unique is our in-house Workshop in which we have perfected the process of restoring antique fire grates over the last 25 years. Our knowledge of 18th and 19th-century fire grates – and our ability to restore them to their original state – has helped us to accumlate the most comprehensive collection of antique fire grates.

Out collection includes a fine selection of antique register grates, half-register, stove hob grates and brass insert grates. Makers include Carron Co, Dale, Thomas Jekyll, Longden, Lilleshall company and Thomas Elsley. We stock antique full and half register grates in a mixture of materials such as wrought-iron, cast-iron and brass. Periods encompassed in our collection include 17th, 18th & 19th-century pieces. New stock is updated regularly.

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