Specialist Gas Effect Fires for Antique Grates


Gibilaro Design can take an antique fire grate and sympathetically incorporate a Gas/Coal or Log/Effect Fire while preserving the integrity of the grate.  Modern gas/coal effect fires require a certain amount of electronics and safety equipment.  This equipment is built into and under the gas-tray insert requiring the entire fire grill to be removed.  Gas/Coal or Log/Effect fires can be supplied with our register grates and free-standing fire grates.  Our Gas Engineers comply with the Gas Safe Regulations.  When complete, the insert is not visible and the gas coal or logs sit at the same height as the original grill.  When the grill is removed from a grate to be converted, this is done in such a way that the process can be easily and invisibly reversed.  If required, any parts removed can be mechanically attached to the grate (i.e. to the rear of the back plate) so as not to become separated.

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